Gartlan USA began in the middle of the 1980′s with a vision by Robert H. Gartlan. Gartlan wanted to bring fine art collectibles an authentic sought after signature from professional athletes. Being the first of it’s kind, Gartlan USA was able to commission the names of many great Hall of Fame athletes. After a few years of strictly dealing with sports personalities Gartlan turned to a new arena, entertainment. The company added a few recognizable entertainers to its catalog expanding its reach deeper into the bookshelves, mantles and display cases around the homes of avid collectors.

The authenticity of each Gartlan piece adds to its reputation, which formulated success for the company early on.┬áThis site is meant to showcase the glory days of Gartlan USA. The information about each personality’s product line in the Gartlan USA collection cannot encapsulate the entirety of the work behind the product from the employees commitment to Gartlan’s vision, to the artists abilities creating frozen moments in time, to the personalities accomplished and unique careers.

This site does not estimate the current value of the pieces in the Gartlan USA collection.

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