An Air Conditioner Wall Unit Can Come in Handy

I was really spoiled by my first house. It came with a dishwasher, a high-powered microwave oven, a beautiful patio out back, and most important, central heat and air. The reason I say most important is because I live in Texas, where air conditioning is a must. 

We always had window units when I was growing up, and I felt really special with the central heat and air. One day the system went down, however, and it was then that I realized that an air conditioner wall unit can come in really handy.

It was the middle of August, and easily over 100 degrees. All of the sudden, I started to smell something

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Astronomy For Beginners

Since ancient times, the human race has been fascinated with the night sky. Fortunately, technology has provided the opportunity to study it in detail. Astronomy for beginners is a rewarding and growing hobby. When starting, it's best to get a bit of advice on what equipment to buy and what to observe.

Find out what's going to be visible in your area. Of course, you can always rely on the Moon. Even with a small telescope, you can see a lot of detail and it's a big bright object. A small telescope will also be more than adequate for viewing Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn but a high-power

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